Mad Sam and Sam Giancana Part 5

Crimaldi tells about Mad Sam DeStefano going to Outfit boss Sam Giancana and asking for a package deal to murder three men. One was a man named Leo Foreman and Giancana gave his permission. The second was a man Peter Cappollitti who owed Mad Sam money. Giancana refused his permission reminding DeStefano about a time in the recent past where Capolitti was in other trouble and DeStefano had pleaded for Cappolettii’s life because Cappy owned juice money to him. The third was a business deal that had gone bad and a partner named Earnest “Rocky” Infelise owed DeStefano money. Giancana told Mad Sam to use his own judgment but Infelise was connected and there could be trouble with another mobster named Joey Aiuppa. Crimaldi tells how they kidnapped Infelise and after a promise to pay when a big jewelry score came in, they released him.


Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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