Dan Moldea on Finding Jimmy Hoffa

Dan Moldea

Dan Moldea describes himself as Ahab and his White Whale is the missing Teamster boss James R. Hoffa and maybe even solving the crime. In this episode, he tells about this journey from a clandestine meeting with Chicago Outfit hitman Charles Crimaldi to a more credible source who was close to one of the men who may have disposed of the body.

The Books of Moldea

Mr. Moldea has reported on the mob, union racketeering, and political corruption all of his adult life. He is the author of books about the rise and fall of¬†Jimmy Hoffa, the murder of an Ohio businessman, the¬†Mafia’s penetration of¬†Hollywood, its links to¬†Ronald Reagan, and its influence on professional¬†football, as well as works about the¬†assassination¬†of Senator¬†Robert Kennedy, the¬†O.J. Simpson murder case, the suicide of White House Deputy Counsel¬†Vincent Foster, the¬†Anthony Pellicano wiretapping scandal and prosecution, and corruption in higher education via the student-loan program and for-profit colleges. Click here to see his books.¬†

Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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