Lou Valose ATF Undercover in the Outfit Part 1

Retired Kansas City Police Intelligence Unit Detective Gary jenkins interviews retired ATF Agent Lou Valose about his undercover work on the Chicago Outfit and how he infiltrated a crew led by Outfit Associate Mark Polchan. Lou tells how he got his start working undercover stings that focused on buying “crime guns” from criminals who either had stolen them or traded drugs for them on the black market. He did not know, but he was really training for the biggest infiltration of his career. He will infiltrate the dangerous and feared Chicago Motorcycle gang called the Outlaws and then the Outfit.¬† Marck Polchan will lead him to Mike “The Large Guy” Sarno and expose the Outfit to prosecution.

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A fellow agent who knew his work called him and asked if he would try to infiltrate a southside Outlaw Motorcycle gang leader’s pawnshop because they suspected he had done some bombings for the Chicago organized crime group known as the Outfit. When he arrived, he found this man’s name was Mark Polchan and he operated a pawnshop where he dealt with stolen property. Lou and other agents devised a plan to get the positive attention of Polchan. First, they knew he loved Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and Lou was an MMA fighter. He started working at an MMA gym nearby in Cicero and was working his way into this subculture. He needed to get close to Polchan, so the agents had a novel idea, one agent knew a dentist and they purchased old gold teeth that the dentist had removed. He dropped by Polchan’s Pawnshop/jewelry store in Cicero and asked if he would buy gold teeth. Polchan replied he would and shortly after Lou returned with the gold teeth, some with roots still attached and a red stain that looked like blood on them. Polchan was impressed and also wanted to know more about his MMA career. Using these two things, Lou Valose worked his way into the inner circle of Polchan’s crew. He learned about his connection to a made guy named Mike “The Large Guy” Sarno. This guy had recently taken over the old Frank Calabrese Sr. crew after the Family Secrets convictions decimated the Outfit.


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