ATF Goes Undercover into the Hells Angels

Retired Kansas City Police Intelligence Unit Detective Gary Jenkins interviews retired ATF Agent Jay Dobyns about his undercover investigation of the Mesa Arizona Hells Angels. ATF assigned Jay Dobyns and other agents to a long-term undercover investigation they labeled Black Biscuit. This operation resulted from a deadly shoot-out between Hell’s Angels members and the Mongols Motorcycle club in Laughlin, Nevada.

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Agent Dobyns and other agents obtained a cooperator and created the appearance they belonged to the Solo Angles Motorcycle Club from Tijuana, Mexico. They claimed they needed to buy guns and send them south to arm their fellow Solo Angles because of a rival Mongols gang. This ruse got the Mesa Hells Angel’s attention because they were bitter enemies of the Mongols stemming from the Laughlin Nevada shoot-out. Jay Dobyns was able to get the confidence of Mesa Bob, the local Hells Angles leader. After several months of working their way into the club and becoming “prospects”, the ATF decided to take down everybody they could charge. As a way to implicate the Mesa crew even deeper into a more serious crime, they devised a plan to tell them they were going to Mexico and murder a Mongol MC club member. To cement in the final take-down, the agents got a Mongol vest with their colors and dressed up another undercover officer. They placed him in a recently dug desert grave and spread animal blood and brains, and other tissue on the body, and then photographed the scene. They smeared the Mongol’s colors with the viscera and brought it and the photos back as proof they committed this murder.

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