Joseph “Joey Doves” Aiuppa

How did Joey Doves get his nickname

Joey Doves was the Chicago Outfit Under Boss during this investigation. He was responsible for Tony Spilotro’s actions in Las Vegas. Joe Aiuppa got the nickname Joey Doves from a time when he returning from a dove hunting trip in Frontenac, Kansas. This was an area settled by hundreds of Sicilians because there were lots of coal mining jobs at the local strip pits. Conservation agents stopped him and found he possessed more doves than the law allowed. F.B.I. agents found 563 doves in his car.

Wiretap with nick Civella talking about the Outfit and Aiuppa

In this clip, Nick Civella and Joe Agosto are reading a Wall Street Journal article about Aiuppa and Spilotro moving the Chicago Outfit west to Las Vegas. At the end Nick lets out an exasperated “OH BOY”. Nick did not like publicity at all.

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