Hidden Microphones at the Villa Capri

How do you install a hidden microphone? Today with the modern technology, you never have to enter the house, office or other location. they have a laser gun that is aimed at a window from a far off location and the window becomes the microphone by picking up the voice vibrations. I am guessing there are other more advanced technologies.

Back in the day, this was a tricky operation. For example, in the Villa Capri located at Independence & Prospect, we had to watch the place for a while to get a pattern on the owner, Ross Strada. Soon, you realize he closes, locks the back door, drives to an all-night diner, eats and goes home. The interior and exterior are surveyed for any burglar alarms. An agent takes pictures of the door locks. Samples of the interior paint and composition of the walls and floor are obtained, covertly. An expert lock picker is shown the lock pictures and he obtains a similar lock to practice picking. Finally, the night comes and we go. A command post is set up close to the target. Two KCPD Intelligence guys get into uniforms and check out a marked car. The Black Bag guys and lock picking expert check their gear. After a radio check is done, a surveillance crew goes out and watches Strada go eat and then follows him home. Once his light goes out, he radios the command post.

The lock expert and a female agent stagger down the street and as they approach the front door, they turn and back into the door as if they are kissing. The lock guy’s hands are busy, but not with what the possible viewer might think. A few minutes later the door is unlocked and they drunkenly walk on east on Independence Avenue.

Shortly after, some men are walking past the Villa Capri and then disappear into the place, quickly closing the front door behind themselves. The composition of the walls, carpet and tables has been studied and they have the correct paint, plaster, wood stain and the like. They quickly hollow out some places where they can install the mike and run a hidden wire from the mike down into the basement. In the basement they run the wire outside and up the wall and finally connect to a telephone line. This is a line that can be monitored in the wire room, downtown.

The Intelligence Unit is out in uniform in case the regular police show up answering a “burglary in progress” or “check the suspicious party” call from a neighbor or if anybody stumbles into the operation. The owner is watched continuously to alert the inside crew if he starts moving back toward the Villa.

A quick check of sound levels and everybody leaves.




2 thoughts on “Hidden Microphones at the Villa Capri”

  1. Impressive operation.

    I have eaten in that back room of the Villa Capri years ago, probably before you had it bugged. My conversations would not have been of much interest to you.

  2. Probably a lot of conversations that would not be of any interest. Mainly about football and girls. Because that is what men talk about and those subjects are of interest to us.

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