Gunnar Alan Lindbloom and the Detroit Mob Part 1

April 16, 2017

Gunnar Alan Lindbloom visits Gangland Wire in this first of a two part series on his life in the Detroit underworld. Gunnar was the 1/2 Sicilian which kept him out the the Brogata or La Cosa Nostra or as the they call it in Detroit, the Syndicate or Combination. Gunnar was born into the extended family of Detroit Mob boss Jack Tocco. He was recently released from a 13 year stretch in the Michigan state prison system. While inside he authored 8 books. His book To Be A King is released either today or within the next few days click here to find this book. In our first episode Mr. Lindbloom tells about his young adult life growing up Tocco.

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Gangland Wire

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