Alan Gunnar Lindbloom and the Detroit Mob Part 2

In this second episode, Alan tells more about his book To Be a King and the problems of writing inside a prison. We learn a lot about how to rob a drug dealer. You just get a contact inside a strip club to tip you off when a high roller is on the premises. Get your crew together and wait for the dealer to leave. Most often, the dealer will go to an all night diner for breakfast after partying with strippers. At that time, a decision must be made, do you storm the diner an hold everybody at bay while you rob the dealer or follow him home. If you follow him home, the skilled holdup man will kick open the front door immediately after the dealer enters. Gives him less time to get to any guns. Alan finishes with the story of how he was sentenced to 13 years in prison.



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Gangland Wire

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