Gotti and Prison

Our friend from the federal prison at Marion, former guard David, continues in this episode telling about his experiences with New York City crime boss, John Gotti. We learn that when Gotti arrived at the Reception and Diagnostic Unit, he was greeted like royalty by other prisoners. David tells about the day-to-day life of the famous mob boss was like inside the walls of Marion. Learn more about his relationship with the feared prison gang, the Aryan Brotherhood.

David was the second guard to arrive on the scene when Walter Johnson was beating Gotti down. We get an insider’s version of both the events leading up to the beating and the aftermath. Gotti will die in prison and Walter Johnson will be released. Johnson does not stay out long until he is convicted of killing a Washington DC police officer.

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1 thought on “Gotti and Prison”

  1. Great show. I had a great time doing the interview. It was a lot of fun. I enjoy the people you interview. As you say “strait from the mouth of the men who were there.” I had no idea you had a book. I am going to get it. If it’s half as interesting as your pod cast it will be well worth buying. Thanks for doing what your doing. I wish you a long run and great success. Anybody who is interested in the Mob should listen to your other episodes. Great stuff!

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