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This post marks the first of my podcast series, Gangland Wire -Crime Stories. After this first short explanation episode, the next 5 episodes will chronicle the 1970s gang war between the Nick Civella crime family and the upstart Spero brother’s faction. I hope this to be the beginning of a long lasting series of Kansas City true crime stories. Some will be cases I was personally involved with and others I research. Sometimes, I will be able to obtain interviews with actual participants.

If, you are entertained and enlightened by my true crime stories, please make a donation to this cause. It will be up to the listeners to keep this podcast on the air.  

To make a donation, use your venmo app and buy me a cup of coffee or a shot and a beer at ganglandwire. I have created a Paypal button on my “Shop” page. Click on the Paypal button and this takes you to the Paypal page. If you have a Paypal account you can designate an amount to donate from that account. If you do not have a Paypal account, go to the Paypal page and look at the section just below the words “forgot email or password?” Click on the sentence, ” Pay with a debit or credit card, or Paypal screenshotPayPal Credit.” This takes the user to a section that allows them to use a credit card. Rest assured, your credit card information is as well protected by Paypal as Amazon or any other major online store.


Hit the play button in the below podcast player.


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    1. Thanks, I just put up 2 new episodes. I have planned a live 2 hour podcast at the Uptown Arts Bar, 3611 Broadway. The day after election day, I will have special guest Terence O’Malley and we will talk about the Mob and politicians. This is November 4th, 2015, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. We will there early to meet folks and there will be a time for Q & A after.

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