Bob Berdella Serial Killer Part 4

L-R Aaron, Gary and Troy

In this fourth and final episode of our interview with Troy Cole, we learn about Berdella’s frantic efforts to avoid the death penalty. First, he tries to plead guilty to one count of murder. The father of one victim attacks Berdella at a hearing. The prosecutor quickly moved and avoid Berdella from controlling any of the court procedures. He makes a last ditch attempt to save his house from state confiscation. Finally, a deal is struck and in exchange for the prosecutor not asking for the death penalty, Berdella agrees to cooperate and tell the authorities the names of all his victims reveal what he did with the bodies.

Troy Cole and his main detective along with the Chief Prosecutor and trial prosecutor meet for hours with Berdella. He reveals in gleeful detail exactly what happened inside his house of horrors. he will explain all the codes in the torture logs he kept.

In the end, Berdella goes to the Missouir State Pen for several life terms. In a few years, after creating as much administrative haqvoc as possible, Berdella dies from a heart attack in 1992. the ironic fact about his death was he had written to a Kansas City minister and complained many times about how the Prison authorities withheld his heart medicine. He was taken back to his home town of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and buried with his father. Click here to see gravesite. 

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5 thoughts on “Bob Berdella Serial Killer Part 4”

  1. These tapes of crimes, criminals, gangs, mobs and mob members are so (much fun) intriguing. Your discussions are so real that it put a person right alongside what has been investigated. I love the mob stories, and really got into the Berdilla story. I live here in K.C. and have memory of many of your stories. I am so glad Troy Cole join with Arron and Gary to do this Berdilla case. Thanks Gangland Wire, look forward to your work, great job.

    1. Phil, Thank you so so much. When I started this podcast, my intention was to tell folks what is was like to investigate these crimes. Even when I talk about a historic criminal or crime, I try to interject what the investigators might do or think.

  2. Sorry, my partner met him recently and I think he already sent out a message asking him to do the show. We will not expect to hear back. And by the way, I do give a free ad spot and donate my own money to First Call, they do fantastic work with drug addicts and the families of addicts.

  3. Is it true that Berdella was friends with the chief of police
    Or somebody higher‚Äč up there in the police station.
    Is it also true that berdella wrote reviews for the Kansas City Times

    1. As far as anybody familiar with the investigation knows, Berdella probably did not know the Chief of Police. My good friend was in charge of the investigation and never mentioned that allegation. I never heard of Bedella writng reviews of any kind for the KC Star. I suppose that is possible.

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