Bob Berdella Serial Killer – Part 3

In Part 3, Troy Cole relates how his detectives encountered problems trying to identify the young men in the photos found in the home of Bob Berdella. Most of these men had lived lives estranged from long time friends and even family.

By the end of the first week into this investigation, a whole special squad was formed with detectives from Homicide, Sex Crimes and Vice. They set up a command post inside the show-up room. The word got around that this was a very high profile case with lurid details. Cops, having a morbid curiosity like most folks, wanted to learn all the gory details. Troy soon found that from high level commanders down to the newest rookie all had a desire to see the torture photographs the detectives found. Troy consulted with his commander, Lt. Col. Bob Jenkins, and they decided to move the command post to a secret location to keep away the distraction of the curious.  They found a large room at a little used police building. Once some phone lines were installed, the entire squad moved.


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9 thoughts on “Bob Berdella Serial Killer – Part 3”

  1. is it true that Jerry’s howell family had a booth at the Westport flea market where Jerry work and did he know his father an him from westport booth or is it true he was a prostitute or gay I heard neither from somebody that grew up in the neighborhood

    1. Paul Howell had a booth two down from Bob Berdella his son Jerry helped him at the Westport flea market yes Bob Berdella‚Äč knew Paul Howell and Jerry Howell. Jerry also worked on cars Berdella and Jerry were acquaintances Jerry’s started to get into the drug scene Bob Berdella was supposedly‚Äč a drug counselor and most definitely a drug addict and drug dealer while pretending to be in a functional member of society. Head of the neighborhood watch program and many other things. Jerry’s big brother told him to stay away from Berdella, he was a weirdo but Jerry thought Berdella was a sucker and could get something from him. Jerry made Berdella mad because Berdella wanted Jerry to help him with a vehicle. Jerry left on 4th of July they knew something was wrong the next day because July 5th him and his brothers and sisters had tickets to a Michael Jackson concert. Jerry never made it to the concert nor did he ever make it away from Bob Berdella. Jerry was not a prostitute. Every one of his brothers and sisters are successful 2 own their own business one is in the Union in the other one is a nurse practitioner they all own their own home they all have kids the Howell family is very family oriented huge get together every holiday and special occasion and they would love to have Jerry in their life despite what you read or heard Jerry wasn’t a prostitute or from a white trash family it was the eighties, Jerry father had a criminal record Bob was gay and gay just came out and was not accepted and he usually picked off prostitute Junkies add to that creepy conspiracies people freak out I ran with it.
      it was easier just to let this case die and made into a joke at the time.
      There’s the sad truth

    1. I had not heard of the Ollie North reference. I will check into that. The log page I have seen does not go into anything but a code on application of a method and the victim’s response.

      1. Thank you I look forward to your response I did a paper on him in school and I seen it somewhere remember it saying
        true Lieutenant Oliver North was in his Diaries
        but it didn’t say why and so I Googled him and all I could find is some conspiracies about selling guns in the Middle East and jail time but looking forward to the answer thanks again

          1. Did you know Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North yourselves and did you ever find out if this is true where is the evidence from this case was it destroyed or is it still detained

  2. Is it true that Bob berdella was a drug counselor of some sort or worked with Probation and Parole and or a judge to help young men counsel them and get back on their feet I’ve read that he done that but it never said that it was court-appointed or through a judge or probation and parole but there’s a conspiracy about that is that true???

    1. I don’t think he was a formal or appointed drug counselor. He may have gotten himself connected to some volunteer organization that offered drug counselling services and posed as a drug counselor. If you know anything about Narcotics Anonymous and the recovery community, all he had to do was act like he was in recovery himself and would be easy to act as a volunteer who wants to help drug addicts.

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