Zoom Call with Dennis Griffin

Frank Cullotta RIP December 14, 1938- August 20, 2020

In this episode, Gary hosts a Zoom call with podcast supporters who have either donated money or time to keep the podcast going. Since Frank Cullotta died recently, I have true crime author Dennis Griffin as a special guest. Dennis tells many stories about his life helping Frank Cullotta compose, edit and publish the three books on his life. In addition, Dennis Griffin has written several other true crime books like Surviving the Mob: A Street Soldier’s Life inside the Gambino Crime Family with Andrew DiDonato, The Battle for Las Vegas,¬† A Family Business: The Life and times of Joey “The Fixer” Silvestri, Wrong Number: Call Girls, Hackers and the Mob in Las Vegas, Survival: From Childhood Sexual Abuse Victim to World Boxing Champion, Rogue Town. Just click on his name to see all those books.

Frank Culotta’s Las Vegas Tour

Podcast listener Berry Parks of Kansas City took Frank’s tour of mob sites and Casino the movie spots recently. He was able to tell many stories from that tour. Berry said that since the pizza place was closed where Frank usually took guests and he was not hungry, they just sat in the car and Frank told stories and answered questions for about an hour.

Show Notes by Gary Jenkins

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