Wearing a Wire on Steve St. John

April 29, 2020

Stephen Blumberg and the stolen books

Here is another interview with my friend Steve St. John on life behind the walls. In this case, he tells us about a man named Stephen Blumberg. Steve remembers this guy was in prison for the unusual crime of stealing several million dollars of rare books from college libraries and museums. He tells us that Blumberg was independently wealthy living on a trust fund that paid him $72,000 a Year. He just liked to own rare books. Steve recounted he learned how Blumberg started stealing doorknobs and stained glass windows from old mansions and graduated to rare books. One of the most valuable was the first edition of Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Stephen Blumberg gets caught

He was only discovered because a man who had worked with him stealing books told on him. We leaned that Blumberg mounted an insanity defense that failed. Steve stated that Blumberg was most definitely mentally ill from his observations at the prison.

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