Wearing a Wire on Steve St. John Bonus episode

March 11, 2020

Our Venmo subscribers are responsible for this special bonus episode that I call “Wearing a Wire on Steve St. John.” If you don’t who Steve is, I once helped a new FBI agent on a drug case by doing surveillance on Steve in 1991. The FBI was working on Steve because they had an informant tell them that Steve had a connection to get Dilaudid and was supplying several street dealers. We worked Steve because he was known to be connected to several mob members in Kansas City. Mainly, we wanted to turn him and he never turned even after being charged as a drug kingpin. He would get 10 years and served his time in a variety of Federal institutions. After Steve’s release, he turned his life around and became successful in the used car business and has recently retired. We meet up periodically for donuts and coffee at the Donut King or waffles at a Waffle House. He is always telling me stories about his time in prison or other stories of the streets back in the days when I was a young cop and he was a young bail bondsman, fence and drug dealer. We were talking recently and I decided to record a story and release it as a bonus episode. I will do more in the future.

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4 comments on “Wearing a Wire on Steve St. John Bonus episode

  1. Bobby Jan 20, 2021

    Enjoy your podcasts Gary.. thank you for your work

  2. Eddie Webb Jun 23, 2021

    Uncle Steve, it’s Eddie is Vegas. Let me know if you get this. Would love to hear from you. I miss the bakery days

  3. Eddie Webb Jun 24, 2021

    Gary, thank you for passing on the message to Steve. I really appreciate the help.

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