Uncle Charlie Killed Dutch Schultz

Retired KCPD Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins interviews Allen Geik about his book Uncle Charlie Killed Dutch Schultz. Geik’s uncle was Charlie Workman, who was a significant tool in the arsenal of the Murder Incorporated murderous toolchest. Charlie Workman was one of the men who killed Dutch Schultz. Mr. Geik was unaware of Charlie Workman and only knew him as Uncle Charlie, a man who seemed to have shadowy connections and no regular job. He was talking with Workman’s son recently when he was informed of the connection. After learning about his infamous ancestor, Allen Geik began researching by talking with other family members, looking at newspaper archives, then FBI files.  He found a fascinating story of the 1930s Jewish gangsters, and he incorporated this into his book Uncle Charlie Killed Dutch Schultz.
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