Tony Accardo and his Daughter

Retired Intelligence Unit Detective Gary Jenkins tells some stories he got from a childhood friend of the Tony Accardo family. We learn about the time “the boys” gave the daughter a new Triumph sports car. She graduated from high school, and she and a girlfriend headed west without parental approval. They had a few real schoolgirl adventures while Tony and the families worried. This and more.

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Hey, all you wiretappers out there. It’s gonna be a little short bonus episod. Wiat while we get adjusted here. I got a call. Actually, I got an email from a lady who lives in Chicago though, and she grew up with Tonia Accardo’s daughter. She and her sister lived in the same neighborhood in River Forest. About the big mansion with the pool in the bottom. First thing she told me was, I remember going in that mansion. She said it was really special. Said mister Carlo just said, you know, walk around, take a look, do whatever you want. So she met remembers going down into the basement where there was a big pool you remember. Right? And she said she saw a huge she thought it was a swordfish. She probably had the, like, the the sword down on them. Now. Maybe not a big tuna, but a big zordfish on the wall. She said it was really scary for her as a kid. And she said, remember seeing a a ball. Down there. And then she said she added, well, that was the vault that those two men were robbing. So I guess everybody in the neighborhood knew about somebody breaking into his house. Now she goes on to tell me her sister actually was better friends with with, I believe, the older daughter. Tony Accardo.

You know, I had that one story with Carlo Miceli, who was a young man, was asked by Tony to take his daughter to the school prom, and they ended up going up into Wisconsin drinking all night after they ditched the bodyguards. When he got back, Ricardo said, yeah, I understand, son. He knew his daughters. And they were they were wild. She talked about how they’d like one of them had a bunch of people over for the pool, for a pool party, and she hit all their regular clothes. Nobody was happy with that. One time she locked the gate so nobody could get out. She was always playing tricks like that. This was the older one. As I said, she was a wild hare.

The boys, as my informant tells me, the boys gave her a Triumph sports car sometime during the sixties. As a graduation present, and this is late in the year. So, schools out and she and my informant’s sister take off on an an unannounced, unapproved trip in this Triumph Sports Car, and they go out west. So they get to the Grand Canyon’s She remembers her sister told her that they rode the mules down into the bottom of the Grand Canyon, came back out there driving out across the desert down in the southwest and they had a flat tire. Well, you know, these little Italian American princesses aren’t gonna change their own flat tire. They’ve never had to change tire. A truckload of pickup truckload of of Native Americans, Indians came along. They stopped. And and so these five guys got out and and they loosened the lug nuts on their flat tire. They got the spare out. The other four lifted up the triumph and just held it up while the guy pulled the flat tire off and put the spare back on.

So I’d tell you these two girls that were on a real adventure. I wish I knew more of these stories. They end up down somewhere in the southwest and the larger city. The girl couldn’t remember. And Tony Accardo was really upset about this disappearance of his daughter. He knew that she’d taken off on a trip with her friend. So he went to the friend’s parents who were my informants parents. And I asked them, said, you know, if you hear from these girls and find out where they are, let me know immediately, and I’m gonna go get them. Finally, the one girl called back home and said, you know, I work at this hotel and wherever it was, Phoenix or Albuquerque or somewhere out there. So the dad calls Tonya Cargoes and says, here’s where they are. He charters a private plane and takes a guy out with him and gets the girls, put them on the private plane and flies them back to Chicago when the other the man brings the triumph back to the house. Remember for us. So it was she was she was a wild one.

One other story that that she remembered was that Mister Accardo took all the girls to a restaurant, to a nice restaurant, and they were all bickering around and nobody could decide what they wanted to eat and they changed their minds. And being a doting father and and a guy that might spoil his kids now and then, you know, we all do that. I especially have spoiled my granddaughter’s and I didn’t have any I I guess had one daughter to spoil, but I don’t know. I I did spoil her a little bit. Never spoil my son though. Like, I was never spoiled. But he spoiled these daughters. He he indulged these daughters. And so when they couldn’t decide what they wanted to eat, he got the waiter and he said just set me up a buffet and bring every little bit of everything on the menu, and then they can find something. He he was a guy. He was quite a guy. You know?

Another thing is in that story about Tony was on trial for tax evasion where he was deducting the red sports cars. So Tony likes sports cars as apparently his daughter likes sports cars. I don’t know if either one of these girls are live. Maybe still driving sports cars. I don’t know, but he had in the sixties, I think a nineteen sixty going Mercedes three twenty something. I don’t remember the Cam knew when we did the story. That story ended up yet, but NAI was a very, very nice expensive sports car, German sports car, and and she got the Triumph sports car. So they they like sports cars near cargo family, you know.

Always like telling these little inside stories that shows that that these mob families many times we we create these characters or these these demons or these these people who are not they were more than what their headlines are. Their family man many times. That’s what I find so interesting about him. Antonio Ricardo certainly was a doting father with his children. Here in Kansas City, you know, they they had children, and they had children’s children. And, you know, some of them ended up so good, some of them not so good, but you know, they were fam mob guys are family people, family oriented people and there’s no two ways about that. They usually try to keep them out of the business if they can, get them on to be doctors and lawyers and such and or set them up in some kind of a business Conicardo had a son.

I don’t know much about him.

I found a name on the Internet.

If you guys knew anything about him, my informant said that his son got involved in stealing coins, and then he had a list of dealers and collectors from the American Newmatic Society.

I hope I spelled that or pronounced that right.

And he was going down an alphabetical order stealing their coin collection.

So I I don’t know where I couldn’t find anything to verify that story. He must have been the bad seed, but there was looked like an adult who has since died and and I think Frank, and it was probably him and he probably got trouble once and and Tony probably straightened him out after that. He probably didn’t have the heart to to be a Bob Guinee, and that everybody has that kind of wherewithal had had kinda gumption the heart or guts or whatever you wanna call it to walk that edge and in which when you go over the edge, you either die or you go to the penitentiary for a long time. It’s just it’s a really interesting lifestyle from the family to the blood family to the mafia family. It’s it’s all about family with these guys.

Thanks a lot, guys. And don’t forget, I like to ride motorcycles. So watch out for motorcycles when you’re out there. You might like and subscribe down below. Give me a review. I forget to say those kinds of things. If you have a problem with PTSD or you have a friend or relative has a problem with PTSD, if you or they have been in the servers go to the VA website and get that hotline number because there’s help available. Thanks a lot, guys.

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