The Story of Michael Franzese Christian Conversion

Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins looks into the conversion experience of several mobsters in this and two future shows. In this video, he tells listeners about Michael Franzese. Additionally, Gary tells about Ernie Davino, a now-deceased member of Tony Spilotro’s Las Vegas Hole in the Wall gang, and his Christian conversion experience. Michael Franzese is the son of Colombo Family Capo, John “Sonny” Franzese. Check out my interview with S.J. Peddie back on April 11, 2022.

Gary learns that Michael Franzese was a very successful member of the Colombo Family, like his father. Michael’s particular road to success led him to the famous gas tax scam. He created numerous small corporations. he would use one corporation to start selling wholesale gasoline to retail outlets in the NYC area. In New York, the retailer collects all the gas tax and pays it to the wholesaler along with the price of the gasoline. The wholesale distributor is supposed to pass the gas tax to the State and city governments. Franzese’s corporation failed to pass along the tax. When the governmental agencies started pressing for their money, he abandoned that corporation and started the same business under the name of another corporation and did the same procedure. He earned millions with this scheme. He earned so much that he went to Hollywood and got into the film business and high-end nightclubs. It was from this high point that he ended up in solitary confinement, where a Christian Correctional Officer passed a bible through the food slot in his small cell. A lonely and dejected Micahel Franzese started reading and had a conversion experience.
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