The Murder of Allen Dorfman

Retired KC Police Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins interviews Chicago Outfit author and historian Camillus “Cam” Robinson about Teamster Pension Fund advisor and Outfit associate Allen Dorfman and why the Outfit murdered him. Camillus Robinson explains how Allen Dorfman became embroiled in a scheme with Kansas City Teamster Roy Williams and Outfit Capo Joey “The Clown” Lombardo to bribe Nevada Senator Howard Cannon. The Teamsters were engaged in the political fight of their lives. Congress was working on legislation enabling the trucking companies to achieve independence from the Teamster’s Union. Senator Cannon had worked to delay and/or quash a trucking deregulation bill that would allow the big companies to hire more independent truckers. The Teamsters learned of an issue in Senator Cannon’s home neighborhood where he was trying to stop a high rise from being built. The Union purchased the land earmarked for the development and told Cannon, “Don’t worry, it’s yours now.”  The government had Dorfman’s office wired for sound, and they could hear many conversations Dorman had with Joey Lombardo and others about Outfit business. Gary plays one tape allowing the listener to hear Joey Lombardo threaten a casino owner, Morris Shenker, in a demand he pay money to Dorfman because “the people who own Dorfman” do care about this money. The government also heard Dorfman discussing a transfer of power within the Outfit when the boss Joey Doves Aiuppa became so ill with heart problems that he was stepping away. In this conversation, Dorfman indicates that Jackie Cerone was incapable and too “hot-headed” and that Tony Spilotro had been the heir apparent until he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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