The LaStella Restaurant Incident

Welcome Wiretappers, don’t forget to hit me up on the venmo app and buy me a cup of coffee. First, I must warn you I had some sound problems, and Cam’s voice sounds like he is on the phone. In the last of this 4 episode series on Mob meetings, Cam Robinson and I look into the “Little Apalachin” meeting in 1966.¬† In 1966, MYC police arrested thirteen members of organized crime a Queens NY Italian restaurant called the LaStella.

The arrested Carlo Gambino, head of the crime family that bears his name; Thomas Eboli and Mike Miranda of the Genovese Family; Joseph Colombo; Aniello Delacroce, underboss of the Gambino Family; Joseph N. Gallo, the Gambino Family’s consigliere; Dominick Alongi, Eboli’s driver; and Anthony Cirillo, a Genovese soldier. From Florida, Santo Trafficante, Jr. and New Orleans boss Carlos Marcello, his brother Joseph Marcello, Jr., Anthony Carolla, and Frank Gagliano. They took the owners of the restaurant, Joseph and Jack Taliercio, in for questioning.

The story goes that two New York police officers noted several black limousines parked outside and took a close look inside. They found the largest gathering of major Mafia bosses held since the Apalachin conclave of 1957.

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