The Aiuppa Bribery Case

In the 1960s, the Chicago Outfit owned practically all the local government officials and a lot of cops. In this podcast we tell about a failed bribery attempt. An incorruptible Cook County Deputy named Donald Shaw refused this bribery attempt, even though an older and higher ranking officer named Dutch Bergbrieter encouraged him to meet with “Joey Doves” Aiuppa and to take the offered bribe. It seems that Officer Shaw had raided a tavern for illegal gambling and when the proprietor offered a bribe, Officer Shaw arrested him for attempted bribery. As the case got close to trial, Outfit gambling boss Joey Aiuppa asked Officer Shaw if he couldn’t forget the exact details of this interaction. This game was protected by the Outfit and this is their promise of protection from competition and law enforcement. Officer Shaw went to Cook County sheriff Richard Ogilvie. The sheriff organized a sting operation where he got Chicago PD officers “wire up” Officer Shaw who in turn approached Cook County Deputy Lt. Dutch Bergbrieter to set up a meeting with Aiuppa. In this podcast we use the actual words spoken by Aiuppa, Bergbrieter and Donald Shaw because the transcript was given to the Chicago Tribune who reported in detail on this story.Ā Aiuppa’s words show the guile and cleverness of a good Outfit fixer and a man who will rise to become the boss by the end of career.


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