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Uncle Charlie Killed Dutch Schultz

Retired KCPD Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins interviews Allen Geik about his book Uncle Charlie Killed Dutch Schultz. Geik’s uncle was Charlie Workman, who was a significant tool in the arsenal of the Murder Incorporated murderous toolchest. Charlie Workman was one of the men who killed Dutch Schultz. Mr. Geik was unaware of Charlie Workman and …

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The execution of Louis Lepke Buchalter

Louis “Lepke” Buchalter was a 1930s New York City racketeer. Authorities believed Albert Anastasia appointed him to run his Murder, Inc., enforcement squad. Crime buster Thomas Dewey will set his sights in Lepke as an example of Mob violence and will eventually prosecute him for murder and obtain a death sentence. Eventually, Lepke will appeal …

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Murder Incorporated – Part 3

After the deaths of the Mangano brothers, Costello pushes Anastasia as the new boss of that family. The Commission confirmed Anastasia’s ascension to be boss of the renamed Anastasia family. To take control of the Luciano family, Genovese needed to kill Frank Costello. However, Genovese could not kill Costello without also eliminating Anastasia. To do that, …

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Murder Incorporated – Part 2

To reward Anastasia’s loyalty, Luciano placed him and Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, the nation’s leading labor racketeer, in control of the Syndicate’s enforcement arm, Murder, Inc.  This was a group of Jewish and Italian killers that operated out of the back room of Midnight Rose’s, a candy store owned by mobster Louis Capone in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn. Some experts claim Murder Inc. may have executed …

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