Hole in the Wall Gang Burglary Gang

Hole in the Wall Gang

Frank Cullotta

Frank Cullotta committed many crimes and had long been part of a burglary gang in Chicago.¬†Gangland Wire is releasing a 3 part series on Tony Spilotro and his¬†Hole in the Wall Gang burglary gang ¬†Our main source of interviews comes from Frank Cullotta, a former gang leader. Frank emerged from the Witness Protection program to author several books with well known true crime author Denny Griffin, act and work as a mob film technical adviser and currently operates Frank Cullotta’s Casino Tour.¬†He can be reached to book the tour at 702-622-0850 or email him at fcullotta@yahoo.com.¬† This loose confederation of career criminals was directed by Chicago Outfit member Tony Spilotro.

Who was in this Burglary Gang?

During the 1970s, Spilotro recruited his childhood friend Frank Cullotta to be the street leader of this burglary gang. Cullotta moved to Las Vegas and he recruited a relocated New Jersey mobster named Ernie Davino and Chicago Outfit associates Wayne Mateki, Leo Guardino and Larry Newman. Tony Spilotro added an ex Las Vegas Metro cop named Joe Blasko. These men created havoc in the Las Vegas burglarizing jewelry stores, fur boutiques, and the homes of the wealthy. They committed murders for hire, robbed drug dealers and pimps, and loan sharked. They became the Chicago Outfit crew in Las Vegas by 1981.

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