Special Bonus episodes coming soon

March 25, 2020

Your host, Gary Jenkins and Camulius Robinson want you to know that we are well and still making podcasts like crazy. Cam and I are going to release several in the next week to help entertain all the wiretappers during this time of crisis. After a lifetime of running into the breach where the public was in danger, I feel like doing a few extra podcasts and releasing them is the least I can do. Please disregard all the requests for donations inserted into these because we are good here and during this time of financial insecurity, we need to protect our families. Cam and I wish you all well and I am sure we will all survive and prosper after this time of fear, insecurity, and uncomfortableness. I am not used to being restricted in any manner and now I have to practiv=ce a lot more self-discipline than I want to practice. We will pull together and make it, of that I am sure. Stay safe all you wiretappers and keep your distance.


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One comment on “Special Bonus episodes coming soon

  1. Thanks …I watched so many reruns of Gunsmoke I am going nuts . Its been great to go back and listen to some old podcast,,,,take care and I will try and get you some cash …..these last few podcasts have been great ,

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