Ron Fino – Mr. Undercover

Ron Fino- Undercover Contractor

This is the audio from a Zoom call in which the Gangland Wire Supporters and I talk with Mr. Undercover, Ron Fino. Ron started as a Union business manager in the Buffalo New York area. His father was a member of the Buffalo Family under Stephano Maggadino. He saw how the mob abused their power and harmed union employees. Ron has always looked out for the folks with less power over their circumstances.

Mr. Fino contacted the FBI and volunteered his services. They had him sign a contract to work for them as a paid undercover agent. Throughout his career, Ron passed along information on the Buffalo family, the Chicago Outfit, the Cleveland mob, New York City mobsters, the Russian mob, and he even passed along information from the west coast crime families.

Later in his life, the FBI and CIA coordinated and sent him into Middle Eastern terrorist organizations to uncover arms deals.

Ron Fino and his exploits are documented in his book, Mr. Undercover.

Show Notes by Gary Jenkins

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2 thoughts on “Ron Fino – Mr. Undercover”

  1. This was a great podcast. Decent quality zoom audio and this Fino talks up a storm. Great discussion. I particularly enjoyed the Chicago based segments since I’m from Chicago’s SouthSide. Hoping for more Outfit based discussions. Maybe some Como’s Pizza based stuff.

  2. Thanks for the terrific podcast. I just began listening from episode 1 and pretty much it’s my go-to Podcast on my runs around town. I really appreciate the insight and attention to detail. Keep up the great work

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