Rob the Mob Part 2 Tommy Uva goes down

Rob the Mob
Movie couple
Michael Pitt Nina Arianda
Real Couple
Tommy Uva, Rosemarie DeToma




Tommy Uva thought he was smart

In the movie, Tommy Uva made the mob guys strip to their underwear and lay on top of each other and act like they were humping the bottom guy. I found nothing to substantiate that but I did find that Tommy Uva did make them drop their pants as he made his escape to the waiting Rosemarie. They did use the exact same Mercury Topaz and never changed the license plate as best I can tell.

The FBI listens: Reality or Fiction

The film depicts the FBI was listening on a hidden microphone as he did one of these robberies and that they took photos of the men as they ran outside in their underwear. And the film shows one of the agents giving a New York Post reporter, played by Ray Romano, the story and one of the photos. I can find no documented support of that story. It appears that these robberies were never reported to the police, which makes sense, and there were no media reports of them until much later. Many reporters and cops did pick up the rumors during the time Tommy Uva and Rosemarie terrorized the 5 families inside their ‚ÄúSafe place.‚ÄĚ The mob guys never reported these robberies to the police.

Gotti takes revenge

We know about this suicidal ‚Äúrob the mob‚ÄĚ spree because Christmas eve 1992, a maroon mercury Topaz pulls up to a traffic light at Woodhaven Boulevard and 103rd Avenue in the Ozone Park neighborhood of Queens, Gotti territory. Before the light can change two men run up on each side of the topaz and empty their handguns into the driver and passenger. The car creeps across the intersection, striking another car and coming to rest up against a building. Responding cops find the lifeless bodies of Tommy and Rosemarie Uva in the Topaz.

Within two weeks of the double slaying, police from the 106th Precinct investigating the crime, began to receive hints from street informants that the couple had been earmarked for death by the mob in retaliation for robbing their social clubs. John Gotti gives the order to take revenge and the feds can prove this from our previous subject Michael DiLeonardo aka Mickey Scars a captain in the Gambino crime family.

Gotti or Joe Massino: who gets the credit

The government was able to prove that John Gotti Junior had received confirmation from Gotti Senior, incarcerated for life in prison, to go ahead and eliminate the Uvas.¬†According to testimony¬† Gotti Junior had informed Bonanno leader Joe Massino that the rumors going around indicating Bonanno soldiers Anthony Donato and Vincent Baciano had murdered the Uvas were untrue and that they, the Gambinos, claimed the hit as theirs.¬†It was our Skinny Dom that did the job,‚ÄĚ Gotti Junior is alleged to have said in various meetings, according to testimony from the government‚Äôs informants. ‚ÄúIt was our trophy.‚ÄĚ


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