Prison story with Steve St. John

Gary interviews Steve St. John about an interesting character Steve met in prison. Stephen Blumberg once lived off a $72,000 annual family trust fund. But, he helped a dark secret compulsion that will send him to prison more than once. Blumberg started as a child removing doorknobs and stained glass windows from the old houses that were slated for destruction in his childhood home of St. Paul. MN. His interest in Victorian architecture started his fascination with rare books. he found in college that the University of Minnesota library held thousands of like. Blumberg initially took items as a way to create a reference collection for his own use. Steve tells some great prison stories about this strange man.
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In 1990, federal authorities arrested Stephen Blumberg for the theft of thousands of rare books from 268 or more universities and museums throughout the United States and Canada. The government valued this haul at about US $5.3 million. In 1991, a federal judge sentenced Blumberg to 71 months in prison gave him a $200,000 fine. It was this conviction that sent him into a federal joint with my friend Steven St. John.

On December 29, 1995, he completed his sentence and the BOP released him.

Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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