Pizza Connection Episode 2 – Tommaso Bruscetta

Tommaso Buscetta documentary

Welcome Wiretappers to episode 2 of this Pizza Connection series. In this episode, Cam and I take a look at the famous Sicilian mafia boss Tommaso Buscetta. He is the subject of a documentary available on Amazon Prime called Our Godfather and I inserted the trailer for this film below. He is also the subject of a recently released narrative film titled the Traitor and the preview is inserted below.

Buscetta and smuggling

Tommaso Buscetta was a flamboyant mafia kingpin who graduated from being a Sicilian mafia soldier smuggling cigarettes around the Mediterranean Sea to a most-wanted transnational criminal and drug smuggler. Buscetta becomes involved in transnational heroin smuggling with Gaetano Bladalmenti from  South America. Both had ended up on the strong end of a mafia war in Sicily when a clan led by Salvatore Riina murdered many of their associates and even non-involved relatives.

Judge Falcone turns Tommasso Buscetta into a witness

We learned that when he was arrested and extradited back to Italy from Brazil, his fellow Mafia bosses in Sicily killed his two sons and other family members to ensure that he would not talk. They calculated wrong and he did talk and he testified.  He became the first Sicilian mafia boss to come in and be a witness and he helped convict over 400 Sicilian mafia members at the largest trial ever conducted in Italy.


Our Godfather Documentary

The Traitor


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