Paul Derry and the Canadian Hell’s Angels

How Paul Derry ended working with the Hell’s Angel’s

Paul Derry started in Halifax Nova Scotia as a teenage informant earning $20.00 for revealing where a drug stash was kept and then warning the dealer that the cops were on their way to sieze his marijuana. By the end of his colorful career as a professional criminal and informant, he goes deep undercover into the Nova Scotia Hell’s Angels gang.

Paul Derry talks strip club

During his early criminal career, Derry started dealing in junk pot and fell in with the Grim Reapers motorcycle club. He became a key member of a group that helped provide attractive girls from eastern European countries to Canadian strip clubs. Derry said he went to work for a business called the Exotic Globe Network. He explained this business made connections with Eastern European human traffickers who recruited girls. They kept an immigration lawyer on retainer to handle the immigration matters. Once the girls arrived in Canada, he was part of a group that helped the girls settle in group apartments. He continued to providing transportation in vans to various strip clubs and protection while the girls were performing. He revealed that he had to deal with the interpersonal drama between the girls more than any other problem. In this area of his background, Derry expressed the most regret. He has since done volunteer work for human trafficking organizations and tried to help stop the abuses of girls caught up in this web.

Hell’s Angels rules for cocaine business

Derry graduated to cocaine dealing with the Nova Scotia Hell’s Angels as it became so popular and lucrative. He learned that he must not use his product and he had to keep making money for the club to remain accepted. It was during this time he established a regular relationship with an RCMP officer named Shane Halliday. He tells about the Hell’s Angel clubhouse rules. In this club, they owned a bar that was frequented by many “hanger on” “wanna be” motorcycle gang members. The club connected an inner sanctum clubhouse to the bar where only patch wearing members and close associates could enter. For an associate member to enter, he had to be helping the Hell’s Angels MC club in some manner. Derry was able to gain this access because he was making them money with cocaine sales.

Nova Scotia Hell’s Angels and a murder plot

A path wearing club member named Neil Smith recruited Derry to help murder a biker named Sean Simmons. Neil Smith put together a hit team to kill Simmons over some old perceived wrong that remains murky today. Derry alerted the RCMP but they failed to get active at the outset of this murder plot. On the day of this murder, Derry happened to be at the clubhouse when Smith got a call from one of his hit team. Smith learned that Simmons was at his house. Smith immediately ordered Derry and another guy to go with him. They drove directly to the Simmons house before Derry could make a phone call. He tried other methods of dissuading this action without success. Once the designated hitman did the murder and the team dispersed, Derry telephoned his RCMP contact and explained what happened. The Mounties ordered Derry to get the co-conspirators on tape making incriminating statements in order to make a murder case. They wired up Derry’s house for sound and video and fitted him with a “Wire.” Soon, he was wearing a “wire” inside the Hell’s Angels clubhouse. He had a close call when a member grabbed him and hugged him without warning. Derry laughingly explained he guessed the guy thought he must have some hard nipples where the “mike” wires were taped on his chest.

Paul Derry spends the next 10 years in court

Derry explains how he gathered enough evidence to obtain charges. The Hell’s Angels discovered his role and sent a hit team to kill him but he was hidden away by the RCMP by this time. He spent the next 10 or more years retelling his story before a variety of different juries and then appeals courts. During this time, Paul Derry started advising various Canadian police organizations in undercover work and informant work. His book, (Click here) Treacherous,tells the story of the Hell’s Angel murder plot.  Inside a Police Informant’s Mind is an instruction book for police officers.  Click here to find Inside the Informent’s Mind by Paul Derry.  Paul consults with private companies and police departments. He appeared in the National Geographic documentary episode on Canadian gangs.



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  1. This was a good story. I remember in the late sixties when I ran with The Chicago Outlaws. I went up to London Ontario Canada. That was the first time I met a RCMP agent. I was so dumb I thought they rode horses and wore a uniform like I saw in the movies. These guys were in plain cloths and unmarked cars.

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