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Retired intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins brings you a new podcast that he is excited about. On Our Watch: New Folsom is a gripping investigative podcast series brought to you by KQED. This show delves into the stories of two courageous correctional officers. These officers face severe consequences after exposing corruption and abuse within their ranks. Through powerful elements like interrogation tapes, 911 audio, prison phone calls, personal recordings, and emotional interviews, the show masterfully unravels the flaws in the accountability system. It’s a heart-pounding and explosive narrative that you don’t want to miss. But wait, there’s more! Stay tuned for an upcoming trailer that will give you a taste of the intensity and intrigue that awaits you. And once you’ve listened, find and follow On Our Watch wherever you get your podcasts. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the whole story. The journey begins with a man who dreams of becoming an investigator in Folsom, California’s most dangerous prison. He knows correctional officers promise to protect the innocent and hold each other accountable. However, inside the prison walls, promises are broken, fear, intimidation, and violence take control, and lives hang in the balance. It’s a stunning tale of two individuals who dare to challenge the unwritten brotherhood code and pay a heavy price.

As this captivating case unfolds, it raises numerous crucial questions, and the pursuit of truth comes at an unimaginable cost. Get ready for On Our Watch, Season 2, a production from KQED. Starting on February 6th, you can expect weekly episodes to keep you on the edge of your seat. If you want to learn more, go into the app you are on now and find On Our Watch. Or click this link, On Our Watch. Trust me, this is one podcast series you won’t want to miss.
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[0:00] Hey guys, Gary Jenkins, retired intelligence unit detective here.
We’re going to do something a little different today.
I wanted to introduce you to a new show that I know you’re really going to want to listen to, On Our Watch.
On Our Watch is an investigative podcast series from KQED.
This season, it follows the stories of two correctional officers who pay a high price for exposing corruption and abuse by their fellow officers.
The show shines a light on a broken accountability system through interrogation tapes, 911 audio, prison phone calls, personal audio recordings, and hours of emotional interviews.
It’s an explosive, gripping narrative you need to hear. Next up, we have a trailer just for you.
Take a listen, take it in, and then find and follow On Our Watch wherever you’re listening to this right now.
The Dangerous Prison Job: A Promise and a New Family

[0:43] You’re going to want to hear the whole story. He wanted to be an investigator.
He said it was the most dangerous prison in California.
Each day, people step inside prison walls, not to serve a sentence, but to do a job.
I, state your name, recognize the badge of my office.
Correctional officers promise to protect the innocent and hold each other accountable.
And I accept it as a public trust.
And in turn, Thayer promised a new family. Congratulations. Welcome to the family.
Broken Promises and the Dark Reality Behind the Walls

[1:27] But once behind the walls, those promises are hard to keep.
He texted, I sold my pride for the job, and it wasn’t worth it.
This one sergeant, he put his hands around his neck, and he said, I can make it look like an accident.
In a place where secrecy is enforced through intimidation and threat of violence.
To live under that kind of fear, I can’t explain to you.
Lives hang in the balance. They just really don’t give a fuck.
They don’t care about my life. They don’t care about helping me.
Did you hear that he had died? No.
Yeah, I’m really sorry to be telling you that.
That’s foul play. Foul play, honestly.
Two Men Who Defied the Brotherhood’s Unwritten Code

[2:12] This is a story about two men who defied the unwritten code that binds that brotherhood together.
Everything about this case just raises questions. Why was he banned from this institution?
And the cost they paid for telling the truth inside a system bent on protecting itself.
There’s no denying that they’re fucking responsible for what happened.
A Grieving Father’s Quest for Answers

[2:36] Losing my son has been something else.
Maybe one day I’ll find out the answers.
Introducing “On Our Watch, Season 2, New Folsom”

[2:45] From KQED, I’m Suki Lewis, and this is On Our Watch, Season 2, New Folsom.
Episodes drop weekly beginning February 6th. For more information, go to kqed.org slash onourwatch.

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