Nick Civella and Appalachin Mob Summit

Nick Civella attended the famous 1957 Mob meeting where La Cosa Nostra bosses from all the major families met to decide major differences within the 5 families in New York City and to set the direction for the entire country. One thing decided was that mob families would no longer participate in international heroin distribution. They left the decision as to local narcotics distribution to each family.

I found a most interesting book on this subject, Mafia Summit by Gil Reveall.

In Kansas City, the local Outfit has mainly elected to not participate in the narcotics trade other than a low level associate may participate. The rule is, they do not involve family members. Most do not because a mob guy who possess incriminating information on “made guys” is a high value target by the government. If they catch a case, they are are at extreme risk of being killed. When it becomes known they are facing a draconian sentence passed out for big time narcotics dealing, mob guys know the government is offering reductions for information. Just look at the most famous snitch recently, Henry Hill and read Pileggi’s, GoodFellas.

Henry Hill, the Ray Liotta character, was in the narcotics trade and got caught. He did a little time and testified against some big guys. Henry died recently of natural causes after he had written a book and gone around the country doing public appearances. So much for mob retribution. The main risk is before the snitch gives information. The main reason for a mob hit is money, not being a snitch.

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