New York City Terrorized by Mad Bomber

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George Peter Metesky became known in the press as the Mad Bomber when heĀ  terrorizedĀ New York CityĀ for 16 years in the 1940s and 1950s withĀ explosivesĀ that he planted in phone booths, storage lockers, and restrooms in public buildings, includingĀ Grand Central Terminal,Ā Pennsylvania Station,Ā Radio City Music Hall, theĀ New York Public Library, theĀ Port Authority Bus TerminalĀ and theĀ RCA Building, and in theĀ New York City Subway. Metesky also bombed movie theaters, where he cut into seat upholstery and slipped his explosive devices inside. Watch the below film and learn how law enforcement made use of a psychological profile to catch this disgruntled employee of the Con-Edison electric utility. New York City residents were terrorized for 16 years by 33 bombs planted by the mad bomber.


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