Mob Stories from the Front Line – Bonus

Retired Intelligence Detective Gary jenkins tells a couple of stories about the recently deceased Kansas City mobster, Willie Cammisano.


Well hey all you wiretappers out there back here in the studio as you can see. We had our the last man standing in the way the Kansas City mafia and he’s younger than me actually he’s only seventy-three Willie Camposanto Jr. Died today. HIs father was the feared mafia enforcer and Capo named Willie the rat or Willie rats they mean Willie rats because he had rat terrier that he let go around and kill rats now Willie Jr. We used to call him Willie the mouse. A lot of people call him Little Willie, but he was he was his father’s son and they were both feared mafia enforcers so Willie Jr. I remember one time we tried to run in on him he was he had a connection with a guy that had a Buy Here – Pay Here used car lot. He was probably getting money out of that. We had a guy undercover got a all decked out with a crapola car and he came in is like looking to buy a car and loaded up his trunk with a bunch of property that looked like it might be stolen. And so he said, you know, he said I got a deal here and they knew that Willie JR. He’s a big hunter and a fisherman you know had fishing equipment had really high end fishing equipment he had some other things I don’t remember what all they had exactly, but mainly the fishing equipment and and so he came in two or three times and he tried to move in a little closer when Willie Jr. was there and tried to interest him in some of this fishing equipment he had you know, come on, take a look at this in the trunk and you know, really high end stuff and, and Willie Jr. Just you know, he didn’t even hardly talk to him because they have no and walked back away and just stayed away from a guy. So he was he was pretty canny. He was a kind of a guy we’d follow Him and follow Him and not really see anything but yet he’d always had to disappear and then something would happen I know we had a murderer one night and the last guy he was playing darts with the victim was playing darts with Willie comes out of Jr. And we were all around and watching this that night and then that guy left and we stayed there Willie he disappeared. Somehow he slipped under our radar and that guy was found dead the next day. So you know go figure we don’t know. Another time. Kind of interesting little story is there’s an FBI agent friend of mine was he was working on putting in a hidden microphone with a technical team, a black bag team, that came in from town putting a microphone in the trap or the Columbus Park social club. So on top of the social club there was about three stories of apartmenĀ  ts. The real old building was over what we call a little bit later the North End. Tony is down in the basement finishing up some of the worrying couple of the other guys the real highly technical guys they brought in from out of town were already out and gone. He was putting up the word you know talking that back up in and making sure everything was cleaned up and looking around and given that the final inspection and he started out the front door because what these guys did we were running we were at what we call Jigger and for him that night and we just got like hung around and a marked police carĀ  and wore the uniform in case somebody came in said Hey, what are you doing. We would fly into action right away. And so he was he was on his way out and he got to the front door and that the stairs that went up to those upstairs apartments were right next to the front door of the social club. So he or somebody does he opens the door he is somebody clunking down and he closes the doors quietly and the other door the apartment opens up so he kind of hunkers down he looks out there’s Willie come was auto Jr. Walking out getting his car was parked just down the street and driving off. This is about like 430 in the morning. You know he then done his thing and went out and partied the night before he stayed there for a while and then was on his way home. He lived way out in the suburbs. There’s another reason he was hard to follow is how you’d have to drive 30 miles to get out to where his house was to pick him up whenever he first went out on these rounds and running these traps as we say. There isĀ Ā  a couple of Willie Jr. stories so Areverdici to Willie Camposanto Jr. Rest in peace. You know it’s kind of like to line from I can’t remember that group now mid 70s group where, you know, I’ll swear there ain’t no heaven but I’ll pray there ain’t no hell so Willie Jr. I bet you’re praying there ain’t no hell. Well, I hope you have been just one more little story in the life of a mafia detective. Oh, by the way, I ride motorcycles. Don’t forget, watch out for motorcycles. And if you have problems with PTSD, why get on their website, the VA website, get that hotline if you’ve been in the service. And if you got a problem drugs or alcohol get ahold of Anthony Ruggiano Go to his reform gangsters YouTube page and he’s got some information there for you.

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