Mob Meeting in Philadelphia – November is Mob Meeting month

Wiretappers, this is the first of a 4 part series on mob meetings. Since November 14 is the 62nd anniversary of the famous Apalachin meeting in upstate New York, I decided to focus on mob meetings in November. Next week, I will release 2 episodes on the Apalachin meeting.

The Chicago Tribune reported that sometime in 1979, representatives of the Outfit traveled top Philadelphia to discuss the new gambling mecca in Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos. At the meeting, they reported that the Outfit was granted all rights to action in Las Vegas while the 5 Families and Philadelphia Family was granted exclusive rights to Atlantic City.

Representatives of Carlo Gambino, Joseph Bonnano, Vito Genovese, Thomas Luchese and Joseph Columbo, Angelo Bruno family of New Jersey aides from the Tony Accardo and Joseph Aiuppa families attended. The National Cosa Nostra commission consisted of seven members and the Detroit based Zerrelli family of Detroit did not attend the meeting because of internal unrest after the death of Mr. Zerrilli and the Stefano Magaddino family of Buffalo, N.Y., was not represented.

Under terms of the agreement, any East Coast mobsters now involved in illegal activities in las Vegas must report to Outfit Capo Anthony Spilatro and a cut of any action should be turned over to Spilatro as a tribute to Chicago mob bosses.


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