Mob Blunders

April 27, 2020

What is the biggest Mob Blunder ever?

In this episode, Cam Robinson and Gary Jenkins discuss blunders by various organized crime families. We believe the largest and most devastating was the murder of Jimmy Hoffa on 6/30/1975. After his release from prison, Hoffa began campaigning to reclaim the leadership of the teamsters. The mafia enjoyed greater control under Frank Fitzsimmons and did not want Hoffa’s return. In addition, Hoffa began making threats to speak to authorities and to call in loans made by the pension fund for mob casinos. Hoffa disappeared while waiting for a meeting with Detroit capo Tony Giacalone and Genovese Capo Tony Provenzano. 

Result: The disappearance created a national scandal, drawing attention to the rampant corruption of the Teamsters. The FBI investigation disrupted mafia business for months. Congress increased scrutiny of the Teamsters, and the series of weak leaders followed the Teamsters down the drain, ending mob control of the once powerful union.

  • 1977: Employee Retirement Income Security Act ends mob control of Central States Pension Fund
  • 1979: Deregulation weakened the power of the Teamsters costing the mob national power
  • 1991: General elections rather than indirect election by delegates—mafia no longer controlled presidency



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