Merry Christmas Wiretappers

December 24, 2019

Myself, Cam Robinson, Larry Henry, Bill Ouseley, Casey McBride, Synova Cantrell, and all the staff here at Gangland Wire Crime Stories wish all our friends a very happy Holiday season. I am off for Texas where I hope it is a bit warmer. It makes me wonder, is there any organized crime in Texas? Well, we will have to explore that someday in the future. As my Chrismas gift to the Wiretappers, I have recorded 2 episodes with a previously unknown little story about the Gotti crime family. This is the story of the informant that offered his services to Gotti. When Sammy the Bull Gravano came in and was telling all, FBI agents asked him about an NYPD police detective who had bee giving Gotti information. While they thought they knew from some great police work done by an agent, Gravano solidified this information. this episode drops on Christmas morning. Then the next day I have a second episode interviewing a man who was in federal prison with this same ex-police informant.

I thank all of you who have donated, bought the KC Mob Tour App, bought Brothers against Brothers, Gangland Wire, or Leaving Vegas: How FBI Wiretaps Ended Mob Domination of Las Vegas Casinos and listened to my stories.

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2 comments on “Merry Christmas Wiretappers

  1. Mary Ann Hall Dec 25, 2019

    Thanks Gary. The same to you folks. May it be a wonderful Christmas and New Year filled with many blessings.


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