Lou Romano on Gene Borrello and John Alite

Lou Romano is a guy that grew up in a New York Mafia neighborhood where young men either became cops, firemen, or joined the mob. As an adult and as a true-crime author, he became friends with mob guys Gene Borrello and John Alight. He was able to write books about both these men. His first was Mafia International with John Alite.  His second was Born in the Life: Gene Borrello

Lous has a whole list of fictional works based on real-life mob experiences. One title is Besa and thanks to the information provided by John Alite, Lous takes the reader inside the Albanian Mafia.

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Gary interviews mob author Lou Romano on his books Born in the life: Gene Borrello and Mafia International John Alite. Lou is a prolific crime author with many historical fiction books and the Vic Gonnella Detective Series. Check out his Amazon page by clicking on his name above. Lous is from a mafia neighborhood and has a mob family legacy so he talks and writes with great authority on this subject. He remains in contact with Gene Borrello and John Alite so we learn about their lives today as much as their history.

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