Listener Zoom call How Larry Newman committed murder In McHenry

Larry Newman Committed Murder in McHenry County

Paul Scharff learned who murdered his father years before from his former babysitter. Paul’s father, Ron Scharff, was closing his neighborhood tavern on June 2, 1981. A man walks in that Ron knew. What he did not know was that this man was carrying a grudge because Ron had thrown the guy’s ex-wife out of the bar, and she complained that he had disrespected her. Larry Newman was a murderer who served several years for a triple murder of some folks he felt had disrespected him. he took the bar owner, Ron Scharff, and his barmaid into the back room and coldly executed them. He flew back to las Vegas and rejoined his crew popularly known as the Hole in the Wall Gang. Chicago mob enforcer Frank Culotta ran this gang for Outfit member Tony Spilotro. Frank had told Newman not to carry out his vendetta. Frank and Spiolotro were both terrified of Newman, and he committed the crime and even told Frank when he returned. A few years later when Frnka enters the witness protection program and his deal required him to testify about any crime where he was a participant or even had any knowledge.

Today’s guest on this fan Zoom call tells his story of how he learned who murdered his father, his subsequent mission to force the Mchenry County Sheriff’s office to acknowledge this fact, and his campaign to root out corruption in this county.
Show Notes by Gary Jenkins

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