Joseph “Joey Doves” Aiuppa – Segment 2

In this episode, Aaron and I examine exactly how Aiuppa got the nickname, Joey Doves. Most mob fans know he got caught with several hundred dead doves while on a hunting trip in Kansas. We will tell you where in Kansas, who he was hunting with and exactly how this Federal Gaming Law violation went down.

4 thoughts on “Joseph “Joey Doves” Aiuppa – Segment 2”

  1. My grandmother is from Pittsburg/Frontenac and I went to college at Pittsburg State University. Frontenac is a very interesting little town with an interesting history. I grew up hearing a lot of family stories.

  2. Pallucca’s and Barto’s are landmarks. There is another name that is not discussed in your podcast, but who was the likely source of the connection between Frontenac and KC/Chicago.

  3. Paluca’s is now closed, but the building is still there it is on Mcay street. When it comes to Barto’s they are still open. My family feels they have the best fried chicken in the area. (Better than Mary’s or Annie’s).

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