Jesus Ruiz Henao aka Mr. Big

Jesus Ruiz Henao

Gary interviews the well-known true crime author Ron Chepesiuk and Jesus Ruiz Henao (aka Mr. Big).  Gary gets the inside story of the largest single cocaine supplier to Great Britain during the 1990s. The famous English law enforcement organization known as MI-5 reported to British newspapers that when they took down the Henao organization, the price of cocaine increased by 50%.  Henao tells the story of a young immigrant who works hard to establish himself in the cocaine business in Columbia. He gets an opportunity to help expand his bosses operation to Europe

Jesus Ruiz Henao and the Sicilians

Ron Chepesiuk and Jesus tell how his Columbian boss sent him to meet with the Sicilian mafia in Sicily. They liked what he had to say so much that they directed him to meet with a member of the mafia in London England. He learned that the British Isles are considered an open market with lax law enforcement to cocaine smuggling and drug use in general. He takes this information back to Columbia and over the next few years, they set up a supply line of cocaine from Columba to ports in Spain and Portugal where the cocaine is transported overland to England. Along the way, he bribes border guards, customs officials, and various law enforcement officers to keep out of trouble. During this time Jesus Ruiz Henao maintained a very low profile while living in England. He even went so far as to keep a regular job as a delivery driver to maintain his cover.

Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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