James S. Duardi

imageI reported recently about fellow Intelligence Unit detective Bobby Arnold finding that Jimmy Duardi was making unescorted trips into Kansas City from the prison at Leavenworth. He was released shortly after. We had an informant tell us that he was meeting people and making criminal connections at a used car lot located at Gregory and Troost.

We took a look and there he was every day. The lot was hard to “sit on” and we would be spotted quickly on the street and there were no friendly businesses we could get inside and look out. We also wanted to shoot some photos.

Directly across Troost was a cemetery. We asked the manager to put up a funeral tent and close in the sides. We used that for a week and shot some great photos of Jimmy and his criminal connections. All those great photos were lost in an old file. I remember him meeting an old prison contact from Detroit. Later, in the next few years a Detroit connection was used in a local mob hit.


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  1. Yes it is to bad. We used 400 Asa film with a 500 mm lense on very sunny days. We didn’t see any use for them other than some immediate use. The Unit rules were to minimize what is kept for years. Then, Jimmy died and had not been active for a long time. After 5 years of no activity, unless there is some great historical value, intelligence are destroyed.

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