Grantham University Webinar

November 7, 2014

Battle for las vegasIt is not too late to sign up for my webinar for Grantham University. The webinar is November 13, 2014 from 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. I have been asked to be an adjunct instructor and teach a course titled, Intro to Organized Crime, for their Criminal Justice Department. I am going to use clips from my film, Gangland Wire, to illustrate how Organized Crime works and how to investigate the Mob. I am currently developing the courese. I thought I was finished but we learned a newer edition of my textbook, Organized Crime In Our Times by Jay S. Albanese was just released. I am awaiting the 7th Edition to incorporate any changes into the course. In the meantime, Grantham is hosting this Webinar to introduce the course and myself.

I thank many experts like Denny Griffin and William Ouseley because they have all increased my understanding of La Cosa Nostra outside Kansas City. I recommend books like The Battle For Las Vegas if you want a better understanding of how the Mob worked in 1970s Las Vegas.

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