Frank Lefty Rosenthal

LeftyThe Chicago Mob‘s man in Las Vegas, Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal was operating without a casino license. I did some legal work for the Missouri Gaming Commission and I know the background check is extensive, even for a retired police officer. Lefty could never have been approved with an arrest for bribery of a college athlete in his past. He was under investigation and had appealed for a hearing in front of the Gaming Commission. This drew a lot of press attention. Since Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna had been designated as the person to oversee mob interest, Lefty’s actions were under scrutiny in Kansas City. Nick Civella was one of the smartest mob bosses of his time. Nick understood that press attention could lead to massive government attention to their Vegas interest. Below is a clip from a microphone placed inside the office of Nick Civella’s lawyer. They discuss all this press attention.

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