Frank Cullotta and Tony Spilotro Part 1

June 19, 2017

In this first of a 2 part interview of Frank Cullotta, we talk to a guy who was a career criminal from his teenage years and rose though the ranks of the Chicago Outfit from being an associate who made money as a burglar to being a “Mustache” or a “guy” in Tony Spilotro’s crew. If Spilotro was the boss of the Chicago Outfit in Las Vegas, then Frank was his Underboss. Frank came up on the west side of Chicago and first met Tony when they were 12 years old. Joey Aiuppa sent Tony Spilotro out to Las Vegas to monitor Lefty Rosenthal’s activities, when he needed a backup, he called Frank Cullotta.

Spilotro, Culotta and others at the Upper Crust

Frank tells how the Chicago outfit placed Tony Spilotro with the vicious Outfit Associate, Mad Sam DisteFano to learn the loan sharking business and to keep an eye on Outfit money invested with Mad Sam. When I mentioned that I heard that Spilotro and Mad Sam’s brother killed Mad Sam, Frank hints that he will reveal the details of Mad Sam’s murder in his new book. Tony Spilotro made Frank the boss of his “Hole in the Wall Gang.” This was a crew of professional criminals who participated in many “high end” home and business burglaries in southern Nevada and Arizona. Frank shares the story of his relationship with Spilotro and some of the crimes that Spilotro committed.

Frank reveals the real story behind the famous torture scene in the film, Casino, where the Joe Pesci character is tightening a vise on a man’s head.

He has co-authored 3 books with famous mob author, Dennis Griffin. His most recent is The Rise and Fall of a Casino Mobster.



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