Frank Calabrese Jr. Part 2

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In part 2, Frank goes into how his father groomed him as a teenager for the Outfit life and his adult life as a soldier in the Calabrese crew ran by his uncle, Nick Calabrese. He describes how the Calabrese

Frank at Mob-Con

crew became the “go to” hit team for the Outfit bosses. He describes how meticulous the crew would prepare to do a murder. Yet, one of those murders done by Nick Calabrese would be his undoing. An Outfit member named John Fecarotta was responsible to bury the bodies of Anthony “Ant” and Mike Spilotro. He did a poor job and a farmer found those bodies shortly after the murder. Laprietra ordered Calbrese to murder Fecarotta. The hit did not go smoothly and before Fecarotta was killed he wounded Frank Junior’s Uncle, Nick Calebrese. As Nick ran away, he left a bloody glove close to the scene and when another informer accused him of that murder, the police only had to go to their evidence room, retrieve this glove and they would find Nick’s DNA in the glove. After Frank turned on the outfit and agree to testify, his uncle Nick Calabrese became the first actual member of the Outfit to go into the Witness Protection program and testify about the 14 murders he had committed with his brother at the order of Outfit bosses like Joey Lombardo, James Marcello and his own brother, Frank Calabrese Sr.

Frank Calabrese Sr. in prison

Frank Jr. tells a story about wearing a wire on his father in the prison yard. It seems a fellow prisoner had recently given Frank Jr. a prison tattoo and his father tried to pull up his shirt to see this new tattoo. Frank had to create a scene to not be discovered. Listeners will learn about the codes used by Outfit members and we play short clips from hidden FBI microphones and Frank translates the dialogue.

Frank tells how he did not go into the Witness Protection program but did move to the Southwest part of the United States and stayed out of the public view for almost 10 years. At the present time he feels comfortable enough to return to Chicago since his father has died and the rest of the folks he testified about are either dead or almost dead and in prison. Frank currently manages the Bella Luna restaurant and conducts the Family Secret Outfit Tours of well known crime scenes and other Outfit connected locations. Call him at 847-261-4435 or stop by the Bella Luna at 731 North Dearbon, Chicago, IL. the tour ends at the Bella Luna for dinner and more questions to Frank.


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