Episode 3 Informants

In this episode I tell about the development of some informants. For example, one guy had worked for a mob owned used car lot and auto repair garage. He had been able to listen through a thin wall and hear some snippets of mob plans. When we approached him and asked about his work at this mob owned business, we were making a “cold call.” In other words, we asked him for information without any pressure. We did not know about a situation where Carl Spero involved him in a the theft of a piece of heavy equipment. he thought we knew and he immediately told us everything he knew about the Spero crew. in another case, a guy got in too deep and knew the only way out was to seek law enforcement protection or end up dead.

3 thoughts on “Episode 3 Informants”

  1. Nothing since April,any new info coming??
    Is there still a mafia in KC? what do they do? loanshark? afew clubs?
    long way since they ran the teamsters union. By the way taht laon for Vegas,everyone one.
    Vegas grew,teamstersm made alot of $ on the loan. win win.
    Joe DEE

  2. We are owners of the old Carl Spero house in Holt Mo. we purchased the home around 6 years ago and didn’t know anything about Carl until one of the neighbors started telling us stories about him., and even an heating and cooling guy that installed a new A/c unit asked isn’t this the old Spero house?He told of when he was much younger coming to the house to repair an appliance and being met by 2 men who instantly checked all of his belongings and even under his work truck for bombs. He also mentioned they had big guns attached to their hips. When we had purchased the home the prior owner had filed bankruptcy and left the house. After they left the house in the following winter the pipes burst flooding the basement. So when had purchased it the basement was gutted by the bank. When we went to clean out the sump pump pits we found cassette type film and not knowing any better we through it away. Now after finding out more about the stories I can only dream about what they might of contained. I figured they must of been hidden under the stairwell or even in an old fireplace that was sheet rocked over. Gary, Thank you so much for sharing the stories, it truly fascinate our family.

    1. I knew somebody who bought a seized house from a large scale cocaine dealer. They searched and searched and never found anything. but. It is always a goods idea to look. Too bad you threw a way that tape. Look due west down the road and you will see where we used to sit and watch Carl leaving. We did not really try to hide from him, we were waiting to catch some folks prowling around his house trying to kill him. Don’t worry, they all know they got him at his car lot.

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