Ed Scarpo on Audio Intercepts

November 4, 2014

Waveform smallAs most of you know, I obtained the entire set of tapes and transcripts from the “Strawman” case. This successful prosecution by the F.B.I. uncovered the domination of the Central States Teamster’s Pension Fund by the leaders of the Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Kansas City La Cosa Nostra families. The only recordings available were the tapes placed into evidence in these trials. Therefore, I found mostly the exchanging of complaints and gossip about Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal, directions on how to skim from casinos and instructions on attending meetings. Each of these recordings must be interpreted with some knowledge of the events discussed. In Gangland Wire, I had the benefit of retired F.B.I. Agent William Ouseley to interpret all conversations.Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

Ed Scarpo, in his blog Cosa Nostra News , writes an interesting article about the reporting by the Boston Globe of the now famous “Induction ceremony” recorded by F.B.I. agents on Oct. 29, 1989. To hear this ceremony tape click on this highlighted sentence.

Cosa Nostra News points out, The  Globe claims this was the only recording ever made of an induction ceremony. Mr. Scarpo reports that a Philadelphia mob informant named George Fresolone recorded an induction ceremony on July 29, 1990. You may learn more about Mr. Fresolone in his book, Blood Oath.




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