David Bowman and Tony Spilotro

David Bowman and Las Vegas Metro Intelligence

David Bowman is one of the unsung heroes in law enforcement’s battle for Las Vegas with the imported Chicago outfit mobsters, Tony Spilotro, Frank Cullotta, Larry Neuman, and many others. He tells about getting into the drug business at an early age. It is pretty obvious that David Bowman is not a hardened career criminal and went to the wrong side of the law because of the incredible opportunity that the illegal narcotics trade provided. During this time, he became, at first, an ordinary informant and then continued to become an undercover agent into the activities of the Hole in the Wall gang, Tony Spilotro, and Frank Cullotta. This was during the time when Spilotro and Cullotta’s Hole in the Wall Gang was ripping cash, jewelry, and other valuables away from stores by cutting a hole in the wall or roof of each victim.

David Bowman and Frank Cullotta

After 38 years of silence, David Bowman tells his story in “Bringing Down Cullotta” The story Casino couldn’t tell you.” He got a very interesting push to tell his story. He was taking Frank Cullotta’s las Vegas Tour and reminded Frank that they once knew each other during the heyday of the Hole in the Wall Gang. He told Frank that he had once stolen about $100,000 worth of cocaine and other narcotics from his apartment and that he had been an informant for Las Vegas Metro Intelligence and had informed on his activities as well as on Tony Spilotro. Frank was not angry but realized this was a story that needed telling. He put David in touch with his co-author Denny Griffin and together they collaborated on this story behind the story of the Hole in the Wall Gang. Last year David and his co-author Denny Griffin published “Bringing Down Cullotta” The story Casino couldn’t tell you.”

Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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