Dave Schratweiser on Joey Merlino

September 20, 2021

Joey Merlino returns to Philadelphia

Dave Schratweiser is the co-host of Mob Talk Sitdown with well-known Philadelphia Mob reporter and author George Anastasia.  Dave talks with Gary about the most recent activities out of the Philadelphia organized crime family. Right after we recorded Dave texted me and let me know about another breaking story and that was Joey Merlino had returned to the Philadelphia area from his home in Florida. He reported that Merlino made the rounds and visiting with his Philadelphia contacts all weekend plus he was seen visiting the Mob headquarters at 9th and Christian. dave’s sources reported he attended a Phillies game against the Colorado Rockies two nights in a row. He said to look for him to release some photos because mob fans made use of their cell phones. Dave reported he was later seen at a South Philly sports bar watching the Eagles/Falcons postgame show.

Philadelphia FBI record Mafia induction Ceremony

Even though Joey Merlino is the boss of the Philly Family, the business must go on. He left his underboss Steven Mazzone to run the day-to-day business. I am betting Joey Merlino is not happy with his underboss because while Merlino was in Florida, Mazzone allowed an FBI informant to wear a wire into the room where he was conducting a “making” ceremony. Now, these tapes are being played in court much to the disapproval of Skinny Joey Merlino. A Capo named Dominic Grande was recorded directing future mob activities and directing them to establish a stronger presence in Atlantic City. Dave agrees that this is a most embarrassing situation for the Philadelphia family.

The Actual Ceremony

During the ceremony, a mobster was recorded asking someone, “Now, you’ll use these, for us. Right?” The FBI explained this was a reference to a gun and knife laying on the table. Just like the few other first-hand reports of a Mob induction ceremony, someone stated, “If I betray this family, betray my friends, I’ll burn in hell forever.” Later the  Agent heard someone introducing the new members to the LCN members that were present. They even heard Grande being called a “Caporegime.”





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