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Retired Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins brings you the best in mob history with his unique perception of the mafia. Gary found a clip of Ray Liotta telling about working on the set of GoodFellas and how one of the Mafa Cops, Lou Eppolito stole his wallet. He also adds a story about how Gaspipe Casso refused to hire the Mob cops because they wanted too much money. Gaspipe paid some other mob guy to do a hit, and the guy murdered the wrong man.

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Hey all you wiretap errs out there welcome back to the studio is kind of low shorty I was noodling around and I found this clip of Ray Liotta talking about filming Goodfellas and dealing with Lou Eppolito The mom one of the mafia cops Steven Caracappa and Lou Eppolito where the mafia cops they were New York City policemen that that really they should have been mob guys then they were mob guys that went on the police department work there waves and positions that one of them was in the intelligence unit and actually for a while and then there was a homicide Dick I think they also did hits for mainly for Gaspipe Casso. Eppolito wrote a book and was pretty popular and he was consulting with on Hollywood movies and even at a small bit part in Goodfellas. And I think maybe it’s something else to do in the movies. But I thought Ray Liotta had some really interesting stories about working with the mob working with Joe Pesci working with Eppolito on Goodfellows check this out



Bob was there dinero Lorraine pesci didn’t make it though. Oh, he didn’t know he sent the letter. Oh, really old fashioned Bob read it. Did he really um basically it said sorry I can’t be there but the even curses when he writes he’s a funny guy. That is that might be the greatest scene ever. I mean really? It still makes me nervous even though I know what’s happening in that scene. So Goodfellas eatery right? You learn to ride a horse do you learn to be a mobster for a movie like that? And can you even What they said they gave me a guy who used to be a cop whose family was in the mob and he later went mob and I remember one day we go to we go to lunch right we go we get there eating and I want to pay he’s he’s you know he’s telling me things and sharing things with my my wallets left they’re like what the heck oh my gosh, what I do with my wallet? We go back No, this is like in Queens people all over the place walking up and down. And all of a sudden I walk boom there’s my wallet. There’s no question he took it from me. He took it from me and then I guess after he threw it on the streets and Oh look there it is. Why do you think that heavy he had a he’s a douche All right, well, that’s a good reason. The the night that I got the part Lorraine and I found out we went to Marty’s apartment then we went to a place called rails. You know it? Yeah, sure. And then we went there, we’re having a nice dinner. Then all of a sudden, towards dessert. All these guys start coming up. And basically they were auditioning, but but they did it by saying I knew a guy who did this than the other one Thompson. I knew a guy who did that and their stories got worse and worse and you know they were talking about themselves. So they were just not now I got some you think that’s a whacking? That kind of thing. Oh, you don’t have to be in the FBI. You just tell people you’re directing a movie and you’ll get all the information you need.



Well, that was pretty. That was pretty interesting one to the Joe Pesci and he’s casting all the time. You know, I know. Branca lotta has one of his videos out there. He talks about how on the set even pesci just dropped the F bomb but every third word which is in Amin, it’s okay maybe you work with a bunch of guys but it kind of gets on your nerves after a while some low guy dropping F bombs like he’s trying to be tough or something that you know who knows I will breaks dead and gone and I think he tried to straighten him out on the sad Joe Pesci is what he is and been immensely successful. So now let’s hear a story about our gas pipe. Casso hired the mob cops to locate and kill a guy, but he tries to chance on him he tried he tried to, you know, get him to do it for less money and they want more money and they they wouldn’t do it. So he tried to do it himself and and see what happens. Listen to this one was



a one of the people who tried to assassinate Casso was a guy named Nikki Guido. He wants the cops to kill Nikki Guido, but he can’t find out where he lives, or anything about him. So he asked the cops to do it, and they say, well, we want an additional $4,000. If you want us to do this, and Kassar refuses to pay them, he says, nevermind, I’ll find out myself. So he has a friend who works at the Brooklyn Union Gas Company. And the guy comes up with a name and address and a location of the Nicki Guido, who lives in the section of Brooklyn that’s known as mob territory. And he’s the same age as the Nicki Guido they’re looking for. So Casso gets a couple of his gunmen to go and kill is not the mafia customer to gunman to go and kill this Mickey quita. And of course, it’s the one that we do. And they pull up alongside him. He just bought a new Nissan Maxima, and he’s showing it to his uncle. And and from the side windows of this car that pulled up next to him. There are several blasts of gunfire and he throws himself over his uncle’s body to protect him, but he’s killed in the process and the power of killers drive away. And the Eppolito and Caracappa were furious, because you know, they said to Cat they told Kaplan that if Casso had been willing to pay us the other $4,000 we would have gotten the right person and he’s killed an innocent person and and this further alerts the police that something bad is going on and they have to solve the problem.



Well, that’s my little shorty about Gaspipe Casso. Oh, the mob cops and Ray Liotta and Goodfellas and, and just kind of a you know, catch all kind of a thing for your entertainment today. Don’t forget, I like to ride motorcycles. So watch out for motorcycles. When you’re out there on the streets. You have PTSD and you’ve been in the service, go to the VA website. I almost forgot what I’m saying there. Go to the VA website and get that hotline number. If you have problem drugs or alcohol which sometimes goes hand in hand with PTSD by get hold of our friend Anthony ruggiano. I think his report gangsters or, or just searched his name on YouTube and and if you’re on YouTube, you’ll see his hotline number if you’re getting into treatment yourself. He’s down in Florida, maybe you can go down there and he can be your counselor. Would that be fun? Be interesting or maybe not might not be so fun if you’re just going into recovery, but he would make it fun. You’d have a great story to tell to thanks a lot




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